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DOGLi is excited to support Tierschutzverein Kaiserslautern e.V. with 10% of all German app sales during the month of June 2024.

About Tierschutzverein Kaiserslautern e.V.

Since 1932, Tierschutzverein Kaiserslautern e.V. has championed the causes of animal and environmental protection. With a deep commitment to elevating animal welfare, they continuously strive to enhance the quality of life for pets within and beyond their shelter, which boasts a cutting-edge dog house built from the latest ethological research.

Their approach to animal training is particularly progressive, emphasizing reward-based and needs-oriented methods. This training takes place at their on-site dog school, which is just one aspect of their innovative strategy to improve animal welfare. In 2019, they introduced a "Sniffing Garden," providing a variety of surfaces for exploration, herbs and grasses for sniffing, climbing structures, and a stream for splashing. This garden, alongside their two training fields and a large 350 square meter training hall, offers optimal conditions for shelter dogs, preparing them effectively for life in new homes.

The HuKo project, in collaboration with local welfare associations, targets dogs with behavioral issues, providing them with specialized care and a chance at rehabilitation. This initiative reflects their commitment to finding a forever home for even the most challenging cases, proving that compassion and innovation can coexist.

At Tierschutzverein Kaiserslautern e.V,, relaxation and meaningful activities are crucial for the animals, forming a cornerstone of their shelter routine and significantly aiding in successful adoptions. The association is always on the lookout for fresh ideas to enrich their animals' lives and ensure their time at the shelter is as enjoyable as possible. They are particularly enthusiastic about the potential for new insights and improvements offered by the DOGLi app.

Their work is a testament to the power of compassionate care combined with innovative thinking. To see their impact firsthand or to learn how you can contribute to their cause, check out their website ( or follow their inspiring stories on social media:

Facebook ( ) and Instagram ( ).

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