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​Introducing DOGLi - The Ultimate App for Fun Dog Games, Activities & Enrichment!

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DOGLi Supports Nonprofits

DOGLi is passionately dedicated to animal welfare and actively advocates for the well-being of dogs everywhere! To further this mission, we're thrilled to collaborate with animal welfare organizations and donate 10% of all app sales to our amazing partner organizations. Each month, we partner with two different organizations to maximize our impact and extend our support across the community.

Check out our current partnerships and join us in making a difference:

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Do you want to be the next organization we support? Then send us an email to

Do you know the feeling of always searching for more time with your dog? As fellow dog owners, we know exactly what you mean.
That's why we created DOGLi: an intuitive and user-friendly platform filled with creative, easy-to-implement activities for your dog.
  • 150+ videos with easy-to-understand instructions for exciting activities
  • Share photos and videos with the DOGLi community and follow dogs from around the world
  • The Daily Woof, Giggles&Bloopers, and always new ideas for a varied day with your best friend


Explore the DOGLi app now for free and gain access to a selection of activities, games, and enrichment ideas perfectly tailored to the needs of your loyal four-legged friend. This free version offers you a great opportunity to get initial insights into our offerings and try out some of our features.

For full and unrestricted access to all activities and the ability to engage with the entire DOGLi community, you can subscribe to one of our attractive monthly or yearly memberships at any time.

We look forward to welcoming you to the DOGLi community!


Download the app today:

Apple App Store download 2.jpg
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